Snoop Dogg Is Starring In A Reality Show To Promote His Upcoming Gospel Album

Snoop Dogg is one of America’s greatest reinvention stories. Twenty-three years ago, the Long Beach rapper was wanted by the Los Angeles Police Department on a murder charge, viewed in America as the most feared gangster rapper on the planet. Now, he has a television show with Martha Stewart, is one of the major proponents for the legalization of marijuana, a viable member of the Little League Football community, a lauded film critic, adventurer and a doting grandfather. So, it should come as zero surprise that Snoop’s upcoming gospel album will be documented on reality TV — in a similar way to how his Snoop Lion album, Reincarnated was.

In true Snoop fashion, a camera crew will be following the rapper around as he details the making of the album, his own faith journey and more. Titled True G the upcoming reality show will air on The Impact Network who released the following as a synopsis:

See Snoop Dogg on his journey as a husband, father and community caretaker. Go inside the album as he reveals his source of inspiration. Hear Snoop’s personal testimony and stories of God’s grace through his many trials and tribulations.

This isn’t the first news of Snoop’s plans to record a gospel album. Earlier this year the 45-year-old forefather of G-funk shared that Mary Mary, Fred Hammond and others had planned to record music for the album. In a Beats 1 interview, Snoop shared that putting together a gospel album has “always been on his heart” and that no time felt better than the present.

However, Snoop did have to get approval from one particular member of his family: his mother, Beverly Broadus-Green who is an ordained evangelist. Back in June, the West Coast icon shared a text message he sent his mother on Instagram that put everything into motion.

Last year, Chance the Rapper and Kanye West helped spread the message that secular rappers could indeed use church influences to brighten up their spirituality and albums. Given Snoop’s knack for rhythm and wordplay, hearing him with a gospel choir behind him shouldn’t be far-fetched.