Teyana Taylor Calls Jeremih A ‘Diva’ And Announces She’s Leaving Their Joint Tour

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It looks like Teyana Taylor’s up and down summer has hit another hitch. After releasing her K.T.S.E. project — which ended up being scrapped before it was officially finished — Teyana jumped on the Later That Night tour with R&B singer Jeremih.

The Chicago singer has a reputation for being talented but not the friendliest artist, and it appears something he did caused Teyana to want completely off the tour in the middle of its run. She frustratingly tweeted today that, “I will NO longer continue to stay on the #LaterThatNightTour because if I do ima end up knocking this n—- out.” She also called him a “lazy, sneaky, jealous, conniving, selish, lame ass n—-!”

It’s unclear exactly what transpired between Teyana and Jeremih for her to feel so mistreated, but some context clues could be gleaned from her subsequent interactions with fans. She retweeted one supporter noting, “he really think he Mike Jack,” referring to the departed King of Pop Michael Jackson. She also retweeted another fan who told her, “they didn’t even put your name on the Snapchat filter and some of the tickets.”

To this point, Jeremih hasn’t replied, but it looks like he may need to find a new tour mate.