Travi$ Scott Fans Were Losing Their Damn Minds And Jumping Off Of Balconies At His New York Show

Travi$ Scott concerts are not for the faint of heart. Trav is known to encourage and join mosh pits, bring fans on stage to rage with him, break things, kick photographers out of venues, even fight fans on more than one occasion and generally incite riots. No, seriously, he was actually charged and pled guilty to inciting a riot at a Lollapalooza a few years ago.

So yeah, his shows can get a little crazy and his latest New York concert was no exception as fans began jumping from balconies while La Flame was performing at Terminal 5. Videos from the show surfaced Sunday night along with rumors of broken bones and hospital visits after the stunts.

It’s just par the course from Travis, who had equally turnt shows at Coachella this year in the middle of his Birds Eye View tour. Each show ends with Trav atop a massive bird and usually feature tons of elbows and chest bumps as he screams for fans to “rage” while he rips through his catalog for an hour.

Even with Travis’ encouragement, what made his fans want to leap off the balcony above the general admission crowd is anybody’s guess, and it doesn’t appear that the waiting crowd below was terribly good at actually catching those brave souls, but hey everybody is entitled to getting the most out of the bucks they shell over to see La Flame in concert, I guess.

Check out more videos of the raucous New York show below.