16 Marvel & DC titles that ended too soon

(CBR) One of the harsh realities of being a comic fan is the painful moment when a favorite series is suddenly removed from your pull list, having been unceremoniously canceled due to low sales, changing market trends or some other nefarious force. Some books are canceled not due to any problems with the story or art, but because, for whatever reason, they didn’t find the audience needed to survive. Still others find themselves dead on the vine early on, due to a lack of fanfare surrounding the book’s debut. 

But sometimes a book is a diamond in the rough — a well-crafted, innovative title that deserves a chance to survive in order to find the audience you just ‘know’ is there, somewhere. Over the years, DC Comics and Marvel have published — or in one case, never actually did publish — a number of series we feel deserve a second life, usually because the creators involved were firing on all cylinders, and the books were cut before they truly had a chance to find their audience.

Heck, even “X-Men” was canceled at one point — maybe there’s hope for some of these books yet.