8 Reasons ‘Suicide Squad’s’ Joker is actively offending me

We”ve been waiting so long for the reveal of Jared Leto as the Joker. The excitement has been building with each new tease to social media. And now it”s here.

”Suicide Squad” director David Ayer released Jared Leto”s full Joker look tonight. On a Friday at 8pm EST with no leaks prompting such a decision. It”s almost as if they knew this wasn”t going to go over well.

Brace yourselves.


What even am I looking at right now? I don”t know where to begin. It”s like a Magic Eye poster, only where the longer you look, the more things you find wrong.

#1: The Joker looks like a Juggalo. This is not a good look. The Joker should never look like he just came off a three day bender at an ICP concert. Or like he”s cosplaying as James Franco in “Spring Breakers.”

#2: The Joker has a grill. GRILL. The Joker is many things. A psychopath. A murderer. A good storyteller. A fashionable dresser. The Joker does not appropriate culture. This is worse than when Madonna thought she could sport a grill.

#3: The Joker has HIS OWN FAN ART tattooed on his body. That “Hahaha” is ripped straight from the pages of comic book art. Unless Jokalo* is living in a meta universe where superhero comics of his antics exist, this should not be happening.

#4: The Joker has a Cheshire Cat/Joker grin on his arm. What? No. Stop that.

#5: The Joker has “Damaged” tattooed on his forehead. Subtlety, thy name is not “Suicide Squad” character design.

#6: The Joker has a “J” teardrop on his face. What does that even mean? Teardrop tattoos are prison slang. Was this Joker in the slammer where he could only kill other Jokers until only Jokalo remained?

#7. The Joker feels like design by committee. You know that email chain going around where an executive suggested Spider-Man should be into SnapChat and listen to EDM to catch the Millennial demographic? Jokalo definitely feels like he”s the victim of these kind of “notes.”

#8: With A Jokalo like this, a Harley Quinn Jokalette can”t be far behind. Don”t do it, Warner Bros. Don”t you dare.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment

Something nice. Jared Leto has the maniacal look of the Joker down. The green hair looks amazing. In fact, with only a few small tweaks, this promotional photo could be the most comic book accurate Joker ever. See?


Maybe he'll wear the purple suit and the tattoos are a huge red herring, seen once and then banished beneath a dapper exterior.  We'll have to wait until August of 2016 (or until the next promo image) to find out!

*Shout out to Nicole Campos for coining the phrase Jokalo.