Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson may reunite for ‘El Presidente’

Do you want an “A Few Good Men” reunion? You can’t handle an “A Few Good Men” reunion.

Tom Cruise and Warner Bros. are attempting to woo Jack Nicholson to join the actor in the Doug Liman-directed comedy “El Presidente.”

“El Presidente” is a road trip comedy in which a straight-laced Secret Service agent (Cruise) has to protect a drunken, misogynistic former U.S. president who is on the run from a death threat.

Cruise and Liman reportedly visited Nicholson — who hasn’t been onscreen since 2010 — at his house in order to talk him into taking the role of the president. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cruise said he won’t do the film without his “Few Good Men” co-star.

The story also indicates that Nicholson is far from inking a deal, but has said that he will at least read the script by Jesse Armstrong & Daniel J. Goor and Paul Attanasio.

“Presidente” has been in development at the studio since 2010, when Jay Roach (“Austin Powers”) was set to direct and Robert Downey Jr. was the leading candidate to play the disgraced president. 

Liman (“The Bourne Identity”) and Cruise recently teamed for the sci-fi film “Edge of Tomorrow” (formerly known as “All You Need Is Kill”) which will hit theaters in 2014. Cruise will also reprise his signature role as Ethan Hunt in 2015’s “Mission: Impossible 5.”