Adult Swim orders ‘Black Jesus,’ a live-action comedy from ‘Boondocks’ creator

03.10.14 5 years ago

Adult Swim orders “Black Jesus,” a live-action comedy from “Boondocks” creator
Aaron McGruder”s new series stars Gerald “Slink” Johnson as Jesus Christ living in Compton.

Jimmy Kimmel sees no booking war with Fallon, says he”d take over for Letterman if Dave asked
Kimmel says Fallon”s “Tonight Show” “inspired me to work harder on my show” and says of the recent report of a booking war: “”The fact of the matter is, you want the celebrities to do your show first,” Kimmel says. “They either will or they won't. The truth is, there is a balance they can strike – if you do one show first, the next time you do the other show first.”

Louis Gossett Jr. joins CBS” “Extant” as Halle Berry”s dad
He”ll play the “good-natured but unreliable” father to Berry”s female astronaut character.

The company that put “OLTL” and “AMC” on the web files for bankruptcy
Prospect Park briefly revived “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” a few years ago.

The “True Detective” FAQ
Here are your questions about the finale, answered, including the Alfred Hitchcock connection. PLUS: Director Cary Fukunaga on filming the final scene in 3 takes, the costume designer on the yellow tie, something was off about that final scene, “SNL”s” Weekend Update anchor creates a Yellow Kingdom map, and yes, “True Detective” has a woman problem.

Seth Meyers” final “SNL” sketch bombed so badly it was cut before airtime
“I'm very happy to say that the last sketch I wrote at ‘SNL' in the Melissa McCarthy show, I had the last sketch at dress,” Meyers said at SXSW. “I pitched this idea that, she had ordered wings to a Super Bowl party, and she wouldn't pay the delivery guy until she did a full count of the 300 wings. And it played to silence. And I was just under the bleachers, I've been here 12 and a half years, I've probably written 1,000 sketches, and my last one is a total zero. Which is just a good reminder that I never have this thing figured out.”

AMC”s “Preacher” will try to stay as “true to the comic” as possible
Says Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogen”s producing partner: “We need to change some stuff but we”re not gonna change much, I hope.  We”re just gonna do a little more of the preamble instead of doing flashbacks and restructure how we dole out the information a little, but we”re gonna (do the) same characters, same story, same ending.”

Zac Efron would be up for a “High School Musical” reunion
“We”re all thinking about it,” he says.

Letterman talks to John McCain about his Sarah Palin flub
“Another trip down memory lane.”

Check out “Downton Abbey”s” Hugh Bonneville” in his new BBC sitcom
Bonneville plays the Head of Values at the BBC in this BBC2 satire about the British Broadcasting Corporation. PLUS: Bonnevile was refused entry into the BBC while filming the BBC sitcom.

Simon Cowell is reuniting with Cheryl Cole for “X Factor” UK after booting her off “X Factor” US
“It's official. Cheryl is back,” Cowell tweeted.

Sean Combs wants to buy Fuse for $200M
The hip-hop mogul wants to convert Fuse into Revolt TV in order to gain wider distribution for his new cable network.

Did Lena Dunham intentionally save the best “Girls” episodes for last?
Was it her plan all along to start the season out so badly?

Keeping up with all the quality TV shows is too hard these days
“Oh no, not another one,” David Carr says of hearing that there”s a new quality TV show coming out. “Television”s golden age is also a gilded cage,” he adds, “an always-on ecosystem of immense riches that leaves me feeling less like the master of my own universe, and more as if I am surrounded.”

Is Alex Trebek obsessed with gender?
The “Jeopardy!” host kept referred to a “Battle of the Sexes” during last week”s “Battle of the Decades.”

“My Five Wives” patriarch: I am a feminist
TLC star Brady Williams says he believes in equality so much in his marriage he”s actually taking a college class on feminist theory.

Bravo is 10 years too late with “Online Dating Rituals of the American Male”
Bravo”s new dating reality show feels old compared in our Tinder world.

“Dancing with the Stars” reveals official cast portraits
Check out Billy Dee Williams and Drew Carey having a little fun.

How to watch “Lindsay”
It takes 12 steps to view Lindsay Lohan”s OWN reality show. PLUS: “Lindsay” is anxiety-inducing.

“Bones” has a big cliffhanger planned to end the season
“We”re ending the year in a very surprising way,” says exec producer Stephen Nathan. “Two different stories converge and it throws Booth and Brennan”s work relationship into turmoil and causes big, big changes for our people.” PLUS: Ranking “Bones” conspiracy theories.

NBC's “Believe” is a cliché-ridden mess
“It is a terrible sign when a show has no sense of humor, but ‘Believe' almost has too much of it,” says Willa Paskin. “It looks great-(co-creator Alfonso) Cuarón, who just won an Oscar, directed, after all-but there is something off-puttingly cutesy about it. It”s not just Abrams-trademark banter, but a fundamentally silly setup, as if 'Agents of SHIELD' or even ‘Alias' found itself caught inside a serious and stentorian body.” PLUS: Cuarón”s directing makes “Believe” worth watching, the dialogue is “Believe”s” downfall, the best moments are when the dialogue does the talking, and everything is kind of “meh.”

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