Alan Tudyk Got A Profane Welcome To The Droid Club From C-3PO Actor Anthony Daniels

I’ve had a lot to say about K-2SO in the run up to the release of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, mostly with plenty of shots at the original droids in the series. C-3PO is not even in the same league as Alan Tudyk’s droid, though it’d be a different conversation if R2-D2 could form words instead of beeps and whistles. It’s a fake rivalry at best, mostly thanks to the size of the galaxy and the differences between the droids, but Anthony Daniels reaction to Alan Tudyk during the film of Rogue One and at the premiere shows a little playful reality to it all.

Now it’s not some actual hate or negativity coming from Daniels to Tudyk here, obviously. There’s that friendly camaraderie between fellow actors from different generations, one who had to wear a metal suit in the deserts of Tunisia and another who gets to do motion capture thanks to today’s technology.

Daniels reaction to Tudyk’s mocap role is pretty simple and very funny, but not as funny as his comment after the premiere. I’d be the same way if a guy asked me for notes and then saw the performance on the screen. “F*ck you” is the least I’d say before buying the guy a drink.

It could be worse for Daniels. He could’ve shown up to the set in his costume without being asked and then just keep wearing it out of desperation.

(Via Team Coco)