‘Arrow’ writer hints another GREEN hero will appear next season

Ah, Coast City. The DC universe”s answer to Los Angeles and/or any seaside metropolis in the Sunshine State! Oh, and home of Hal Jordan. Perhaps less well known to the general populace than Metropolis or Gotham (or Starling City at this point), Coast City has none the less played a central role in the lore throughout the years.

Now it looks like Coast City will be joining the DCTV universe in the flesh…or whatever the city equivalent of the phrase “in the flesh” is. “Arrow” and “Legends of Tomorrow” writer Marc Guggenheim recently tweeted a link to a piece of production art from the upcoming 4th season of “Arrow.” Sure, Coast City has been mentioned in passing on the show before, but this is the first indication that audiences might visit the scenic metropolis.

Image Credit: DC Entertainment/The CW

Of course, you can”t have Coast City without Green Lantern. Based solely on the tagline for this billboard, it looks like Hal Jordan may be in Oliver Queen”s future. But which Coast City will Oliver find?

“Come to Coast City, when money”s tight” implies affordable living as a major draw. But how could a Californian city make such a claim? Well, it could be a trick. Perhaps a villain – Mongul perhaps – is luring innocent civilians to their deaths. Perhaps this is a post-Infinite Crisis world where Coast City is trying to shore up reconstruction with tax incentive to repopulate the city. Perhaps it”s some third thing.

Guess we”ll find out when “Arrow” returns October 7, 2015.

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