If You Need A Bathroom Break During ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ You’re Out Of Luck

Marvel Studios

Much fuss has rightfully been made about the attack of the too-long movies that appear to be taking over multiplexes. This grumbling, of course, did not stop Marvel Studios from forecasting that Avengers: Endgame was probably three hours long. The Russo Brothers recently confirmed the runtime as 3:00:58, and since it’s an MCU movie, viewers shall be rewarded for sticking with the whole ride due to post-credits scenes. Well, will there at least be a convenient time for folks to run and pee when the urge strikes (and it will)?

Noooope. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige has told io9 that those three hours are so lean and mean that there’s nothing worth missing:

“What I’ve always said is a movie is as long as it should be. And we are not fans of overindulging movies. We are not fans of laborious lengths for no reason. We are fans of movies that you wish didn’t end. Movies that you want to see again as soon as it’s over. And movies that you just don’t ever find a good time to run out to the bathroom. That’s when a movie’s working. And if a movie doesn’t feel like that to us we continue to trim, we continue to shape, we continue to bring that time down. That happened to a certain extent on this movie.”

Yes, Endgame has been engineered in part to make sure that you can’t pee. Yet Feige promises that the film is thrilling enough that this runtime “goes by very quickly,” so in the grand scheme of things, and he believes that the runtime is the least fascinating aspect of the whole movie. Still, it’ll be worth circling back in a few weeks to apps like RunPee, where one can recommend convenient bathroom-break times to other users, to see where people found wiggle room. I do know someone (who is a cat-lover) who ended up missing that Nick Fury/Goose moment in Captain Marvel while sprinting to the loo, and similar experiences are bound to happen with Endgame. Maybe, yeah, don’t drink a soda at the movies on April 26.

(Via io9)