‘Spider-Man’ Star Tom Holland Finally Got Some Payback On His ‘Avengers’ Co-Star Anthony Mackie


Tom Holland has a strange status within the Marvel Cinematic Universe family. The Spider-Man star is responsible for one of the saddest moments of Avengers: Infinity War, earning him plenty of emotional points with fans. He’s also responsible for some spoilers, sometimes planned and sometimes by accident, requiring the need for “babysitters” during press interviews. This has earned him some ribbing from his fellow castmates, including an ongoing “war” with Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.

It’s one of the entertaining parts of the promotion for these films, and it never seems to end. The most recent chapter occurred this weekend at the Ace Comic-Con in Seattle, where Anthony Mackie joined Sebastian Stan on stage with Kevin Smith before the young Spider-Man showed up to mess around with the pair. It seemed to be going like many of their prior meetings, but then Tom Holland finally got Mackie with some ribbing of his own.

This followed more of Mackie making fun of Holland, of course, but it is nice to see the young actor get a win. He should be able to handle any criticism given his status as Spider-Man and his success, but he’s usually the ass end in this Avengers tussles. A win every few times might let him think he’s got a chance.

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