‘Batwoman’ Will Definitely Let Ruby Rose’s Hero Have Girlfriends And Go On Dates, Swears Its Producer

The CW

Historically, mainstream movies and TV haven’t had a great record with LGBTQ+ characters, and even when they have carved out screentime for them the characters tend to be sexless, their dating life off-screen or nonexistent. The minds behind the forthcoming Batwoman TV show promise they won’t fall down that same trap.

As per Entertainment Weekly, Caroline Dries, producer of DC’s CW show, due in early October, says Kate Kane, the female caped crusader played by out actress Ruby Rose, will definitely have a personal life outside of crime-fighting. It’s already been revealed she’ll have a complicated on-again-off-again relationship with Megan Tandy’s character Sophie. But in between she’ll definitely be busy.

“[T]o me what’s important about this character is that she’s like Oliver Queen,” Dries said, referencing the Green Arrow, who has his own DC show. “[He] dates left and right at the beginning of that show before he and Felicity [Emily Bett Rickards] settled down. We didn’t want to neuter Kate. She’s in this complicated relationship with Sophie because it’s an intellectual past relationship but to me what makes part of her character is that she has girlfriends. She goes on dates.”

When Batwoman premieres, DC will have its first queer superhero, handily beating Marvel — who only recently announced that Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie will be on the hunt for a same-sex paramour in the fourth Thor — to the punch. Rose’s casting caused some predictable and tiresome controversy last year, but that clearly hasn’t caused those behind the show to soft-pedal its progressive bona fides.

(Via EW)