‘Sex Criminals’ Leads The List Of This Week’s Best New Comics

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Image Comics

No relationship that actually lasts can be built just on sex. That’s something Sex Criminals has been dealing with from its first issue, really, as Jon and Suze discovered their sex-based superpowers, used them to freeze time, knocked over a bank, and discovered they’ll fallen afoul of what turned out to be really nothing more than an exceptionally petty set of busybodies. So where do they go from here?

Amusingly, this issue, the first in nearly a year, is a good place to pick up the comic, as Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky spend the first several pages recapping the plot, reintroducing the characters, and making fun of themselves for ditching the book on a cliffhanger for so long. And it’s a fitting start, because Jon and Suze are essentially back to zero, both in their war on said busybodies and emotionally.

The issue turns out to be about how you build a relationship beyond just having sex. Neither of the protragonists are terribly mature, but they’re trying, and it adds up to an oddly affecting issue. Anybody who’s been in a long-term relationship can grasp as Fraction and Zdarsky sum up a key turning point, when you shift from thinking about the present to thinking about the future. This is rare stuff for comics, let alone one that featured a hentai demon made entirely of bodily fluids, and it emphasizes that Sex Criminals is for adults not in the sense of its content, but in the issues the book covers.

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