Daisy Ridley Had ‘Tears Rolling Down Her Face’ After Her Final Scene In ‘Star Wars’


Daisy Ridley was a relative unknown before she was cast as Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. (Her first five film credits don’t have links on Wikipedia.) Now, she’s the face of one of the most popular franchises in the world. So you can imagine how completing The Rise of Skywalker, her final Star Wars film (or so she claims), would be an emotional moment for Ridley. And it was.

“I just can’t remember it,” the actress told Couch Surfing about the photo J.J. Abrams uploaded to Twitter. “I remember J.J. making a speech and I sort of remember a couple things he said, like I’m always on time, which I appreciate him saying. And then he went to pass me the mic and I was the last person to wrap. It was my final shot and I’m crying in the shot… It was dramatic.”

Ridley also can’t remember what she told John Boyega and Oscar Isaac while hugging them. “Hugged a number of people and then got in the car and looked out the window like I was in a music video: tears rolling down my face, hand to the window, thinking about days gone past,” she said. How very emo of her. You know who else in the Star Wars universe was emo? Anakin Skywalker.

Rey is a Skywalker: confirmed.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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