Disney’s Legal Team Put A Stop To One Interesting Easter Egg For ‘Avengers: Infinity War’


WARNING: Possible spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and a bit of Captain America: Civil War if you haven’t seen that yet

When it comes to fun ideas in entertainment, you can be sure that the legal department will be close behind to toss cold water on it all. Not even a behemoth like Avengers: Infinity War is safe from the wary eyes of legal, primarily when it belongs to a company like Disney. According to The Russo Brothers, they had one special Easter egg all ready to go for fans looking to reach out and touch one of the Avengers. Sadly, it didn’t work out.

In a chat with HuffPost about different aspects of the films, the pair revealed that Steve Rogers’ phone number was originally meant to be a real number for moviegoers to call:

“We actually had intended to create a fake voicemail from Steve Rogers,” Joe Russo said. “For the people that left the theater and called that number, they would get a voicemail from Steve Rogers.”

“And that number was the actual number that we were going to use. We were sort of given that number,” said Anthony Russo…

“We had it all ready to go, but legal took that away from us,” he added.

This could’ve been a few years in the making given the phone first popped up in Civil War, but you can see the problems that could arise with a joke service that calls people back to leave them a message. It isn’t the worst situation, but the legal problems are pretty clear. It is a nice thought, though, and could easily play into all of those Captain America memes we’ve seen around.

(Via HuffPost)