‘Fargo’ Season 2 trailer: Kirsten Dunst has a secret

07.14.15 4 years ago

The first trailer for Season 2 of FX's “Fargo” has finally arrived, with around 17 little scene cuts for us to wildly theorize around plot, the characters and their deceptions.

Descriptions of the roles for stars Patrick Wilson, Kirsten Dunst, Ted Danson, Jesse Plemons, Jeffrey Donovan and others are already available, should you want to brush up.

The story picks up on Lou Solverson (the father of Molly Solverson, star detective from Season 1), when he's 33-years-old, back from Vietnam and working on the police force, with the story taking place in Sioux Falls, S.D.; Luverne, Minn. and, of course, Fargo, N.D.

Let's chew on these scenes together, shall we?

+ A car driving through cold fog + A figure in black with their back to the camera, limping in the snow + Lou Solverson (Patrick Wilson) philosophizing “The whole world, we're just out of balance. Used to know right from wrong. A moral center. Now…”
+ A broken car windshield framing Ed Blomquist (Jesse Plemons) and Peggy Blomquist (Kirsten Dunst) waiting silently
+ A shooting, at a waitress in a diner
+ A house with a barn in the snow
+ Lou with a child — is it Molly?
+ Peggy Blomquist nervously, angrily blotting and wiping her collar
+ Floyd Gerhardt (Jean Smart) crying in the backseat of a car with Dodd Gerhardt (Jeffrey Donovan)
+ Hank Larsson (Ted Danson) in a police uniform in daylight
+ House with the barn again, this time from the perspective of a small family cemetery with the limping, long-haired individual with their back turned, heading toward the house
+ Blood on a linoleum floor
+ Lou in a uniform, Peggy in distress: He says “Do yourself a favor, lock the door.”
+ What looks like a post-coital cigarette from naked, feather-haired Noreen Vanderslice (Emily Haine)
+ Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine) in a bolo tie with chops down to here, with two intimidating henchmen in Heisenberg hats
+ Peggy in a car, smoking as Ed pick-axes the ground behind the car
+ Dodd tells his muscle “Hit him again,” and a man gets whacked in the head in coffee shop. “Gimme a chocolate glaze,” Dodd says in a thick Upper Midwestern accent to the stunned coffee shop worker behind the counter

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