George R.R. Martin Says We Can Imprison Him If He Doesn’t Finish ‘Winds Of Winter’ By Next Summer

05.21.19 3 months ago

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Game of Thrones fans have a love-hate relationship with George R.R. Martin. On the one hand, he created the world that has enslaved the hearts and minds of TV viewers everywhere. (He also can’t be fully faulted with the divisive final season.) On the other, he’s been a touch slow to finish his long-promised final two novels in his Song of Ice and Fire cycle. Some people get angry when they even see pictures of him at parties or enjoying life. Others go so far as to worry he may get sick or die before finishing his masterpiece.

Martin knows you may be thinking this. On his most recent blog — again, more time not spent writing The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring! — he wrote of a very generous offer: New Zealand Air has invited him to the corner of the planet to finish his books. The Winds of Winter at least.

Martin turned them down, in his droll way, thanking them for their generosity but telling them, “I fear that New Zealand would distract me entirely too much. Best leave me here in Westeros for the nonce.” He asked them to instead extend the offer to other, more cash-strapped authors. “If you’d care to fly, say, twenty or thirty or fifty of them to Wellington in place of me,” Martin wrote. “I have no doubt they would instantly accept, and fall in love with Middle Earth.. er, New Zealand… just as I have.”

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