‘Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3’ Will Mark The End Of The Road For The Current Team, According To James Gunn

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08.06.17 5 Comments


Most fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are aware that the untitled fourth Avengers movie and follow-up to Infinity War marks the end of the current slate of Marvel films. That doesn’t mean an end to this continuity or set of characters, but it does close out the ongoing narrative they’ve been building to for the past decade. So far, the only two post Avengers films to be confirmed are the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel and the third Guardians Of The Galaxy film.

Spider-Man is supposed to set the tone for the Marvel films that will follow, but James Gunn tells The Hollywood Reporter that the third Guardians film will change the direction for the team as well. Not only will it mark the end of the current team structure, mirroring its comic book counterpart a bit, but it will also do more to expand the cosmic properties for the MCU into the future. As for who the new focus will be, Gunn seems to hint that the Ravagers introduced at the end of Vol. 2 will play a larger part, including an elevated role in the third film. The Hollywood Reporter speculates that they could be the replacements, but Gunn doesn’t seem to be tied down by either that team or the comic book history behind them:

“I’m definitely interested in the direction that these characters are headed and their roles in the Marvel Universe…

“I always do what’s best for the movie. A lot of times, that means taking things from the source material and other times it’s changing things,” said Gunn. “I’ve changed a lot already from the comics with the Guardians. Groot’s personality in the first Guardians, which people loved, was nothing like his personality in the comics. He didn’t have that puppy dog innocence that we love about Groot. I don’t restraint myself in any way when it comes to using stuff from the comics or not using it.”

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