Guess Which Hogwarts Houses Harry Potter’s Ginny & Ron Get Sorted Into

While fans are getting ramped up for the upcoming sequel story Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, official fan site Pottermore is talking to the original film cast about their experiences with the franchise. Oh yeah, and making them take the sorting quiz. See where Bonnie Wright (Ginny) and Rupert Grint (Ron) wind up.

The original Pottermore was developed with help from Sony and was a seriously in-depth fan experience. Not only was there a wealth of background information on characters, places, and things from J.K. Rowling's universe that weren't in the books, there were also really great interactive story experiences, potion making, dueling, and House sorting. It was the coolest thing and I'm so excited I got to explore it all just before it disappeared.

You see, late last year Pottermore evolved into…well, into a fancy blog. I'm not going to lie. The new incarnation of the site is a shell of its former glory and fan fun but that doesn't mean they don't provide Potter-heads with great content. For instance, the recent Harry Potter and the Cursed Child character reveals. But due to fan demand, they made sure to keep the sorting quiz so fans could continue to feel part of their favorite houses. And now get something extra cute out of it.

Here's Wright answering a few questions and then taking the quiz.

And her on-screen brother, Grint taking his turn.

Surprised by the results?