Get to Know Dorothy Vallens of “Blue Velvet” in 5 Facts

Isabella Rossellini is a talented and beautiful actress known for numerous complex and often dark roles in countless films and TV shows.

To celebrate her 63rd birthday, let”s get to know her in my favorite role: Dorothy Vallens of David Lynch”s “Blue Velvet”.

As I mentioned in my tribute to Dennis Hopper, the characters of this film are bizarre, and their motives are often unclear. Just as I explained how to better understand Dennis Hopper”s character Frank Booth, I”ll do the same for Dorothy Vallens.

Getting to know Dorothy Vallens, played by Isabella Rossellini:

• Occupation: Professional Singer.

• Likes: Jeffrey Beaumont (played by Kyle McLachlan). After she catches him hiding in her closet, the two start a dark and twisted (though subtle) romance.

• Dislikes: Strange boys hiding in her closet, engaging in sadomasochistic encounters with Frank Booth against her will, singing “Blue Velvet.” She”s being blackmailed by Frank Booth: he has kidnapped her husband and son, if she doesn”t sing “Blue Velvet” for him, he will kill them. Why he has a fixation with both the song and the actual fabric remains a mystery.

• Famous quotes: “He put his disease in me.”

Dorothy Vallens is a woman in a desperate and dire situation. Rossellini”s portrayal is haunting and delightfully convincing despite the absurdity of the film from beginning to end. Happy Birthday, Isabella Rossellini! If the world can ever handle a “Blue Velvet” remake, promise you”ll be in it.