‘HIMYM’: Who’s the new girl?

“HIMYM”: Who’s the new girl?

Newbie Cristin Milioti not only appeared in the Broadway musical “Once,” but had brief roles on “The Sopranos” and “30 Rock.”

Watch Christopher Meloni in Fox midseason comedy “Surviving Jack”
Fox also released the trailer for midseason drama “Gang Related.” PLUS: Fox auto-tunes its fall lineup.

“Seinfeld” said goodbye 15 years ago today
Does “Seinfeld” still hold up 15 years later? Of course it does.

“Young and the Restless” will take its time to address the fate of Jeanne Cooper’s character
When Cooper died, the writers had already finished scripts through July.

Did “Game of Thrones” show its worst-ever scene this week?
This torture has been dragging on for weeks.

Fox emphasizing year-round programming, plus shorter seasons

“We’re not going to be confined to a traditional 22 episode” order for most shows, said Fox Entertainment boss Kevin Reilly. “There will be shows that play at 13, 15, 17. There’s no magic number. Shows will premiere and stagger throughout the year.” He added that he’s tired of hearing the word “midseason” because shows are launched year-round.

“90210” has a happy ending, for the most part

The series finale wasn’t so kind on one character.

Last year, NBC said “Animal Practice’s” monkey was the best-testing character in years

This year, NBC says Michael J. Fox’s comedy, Sean Hayes’ sitcom and  James Spader’s “Blacklist” were the best-testing shows in years. So is NBC’s testing flawed? PLUS: Judging the new NBC shows.

“Homeland” casting directors: A lot of potential big-name “Brodys” rejected us
Talking about casting the five main characters, casting directors Junie Lowry-Johnson and Libby Goldstein say they want after a lot of big names for the Nicholas Brody role. But many feared playing a good guy turned bad guy.

Jere Burns loves being a TV badass
The “Justified” and “Bates Motel” guest star says: “There’s nothing more fun than a crazy, really smart guy.”

“Breaking Bad” creator lost sympathy for Walter White, then changed his mind
Vince Gilligan says his perception of Walters changed over the final eight episodes. “I”ve realized that judging the character is not a particularly fruitful endeavor on my part, and yet I have done that,” he says. PLUS: “Breaking Bad” fan arrested digging for keys to the set.

Amy Poehler: “Ron Swanson is going to have a baby”

The “Parks and Rec” star joked about Ron’s pregnancy. PLUS: Introducing “Tron Swanson,” and the Ron Swanson Guide to Romance.

See Barbara Walters as a Playboy Bunny

In 1962, Walters wore the bunny suit for a segment on NBC.

Should it matter that Seth Meyers is another white male network late-night host?
Will the TV networks ever give a non-white male a chance to host a late-night show?

“SNL” should never bring back an alum 1 year after their departure
Kristen Wiig’s many signature characters were too fresh in our memories, weighing down her homecoming. PLUS: 9 people banned from “SNL.”

“Buffy” writers, “The Shield” writers and “The X-Files” writers reunite
Check out the “Buffy” reunion for The Hollywood Reporter, as well as “The Shield” reunion and “The X-Files” reunion.

Magic Johnson bringing 5 black women together for a late-night talk show

Johnson’s Exhale network is set to launch the talk show “Aspire” next month.

“Mad Men” filmed in a real tiny plane
“It’s tiny,” says Kevin Rahm, who plays Ted Chaugh. “Literally, we barely fit in there. You had to watch your knees when you shut the door.”

“Revenge” course-corrects with its Season 2 finale

The two-hour season-ender undid a lot of the damage from this season. PLUS: Meet “Revenge’s” costume designer.

Watch “The Office’s” David Brent teach guitar in his new web series
Ricky Gervais is releasing “Learn Guitar with David Brent.”