‘Justice League’ Videos Give A Closer Look At Steppenwolf And A Potential Spoiler

This world will fall. Like all the others. Steppenwolf speaks in a new Justice League promo above, and another video (below) may include a Cyborg spoiler. “Long before I was born he came as the spearhead of an alien invasion,” Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) explains in the promo, before we get a closer look at who she’s talking about: Steppenwolf, played by Game of Thrones‘ Ciarán Hinds, who finally gets some dialogue in one of the many promos.

Besides saying the world will fall (villains love saying that), Steppenwolf responds to a guy who says “we have families” while pleading for his life and the lives of others. “Why does everyone keep telling me that?” Steppenwolf ponders. He’s Darkseid’s uncle in the comics (and possibly Darkseid’s nephew instead in this movie), so we can guess how supportive and loving that family is.

The promo also included some humor, as all the Justice League promos have made a point of doing, with Aquaman (Jason Momoa) telling Batman (Ben Affleck), “You really are out of your mind,” and Batman responding behind Aquaman’s back, “I’m not the one who brought a pitchfork.”

Another video focuses on Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and may include a spoiler at the one-minute mark:

If you missed that, here’s a screengrab:

Steppenwolf seems to be holding Cyborg’s dad, Silas Stone (Joe Morton), while being confronted by Cyborg. Silas is the one who saved his son’s life by augmenting his shattered body with extraterrestrial technology after an otherwise fatal accident. We don’t know if Silas makes it out of this confrontation alive or not, but either way it raises some heavy stakes for Cyborg.

This world will fall (or not) on November 17th.

(Via Warner Bros. UK and /film)