Linkin Park re-ups for a third ‘Transformers’ film with new song

Megan Fox may not be a continuing part of Michael Bay”s “Transformers” series, but Linkin Park keeps hanging in there with the franchise.

The group will supply the end-title song for Paramount”s “Transformers: Dark of the Moon,” marking the third go-round for the rock band and the “Transformers” series.

They aren”t writing a song specifically for the movie, however. Instead, current single “Iridescent,” from current album, “A Thousand Suns,” will be revamped for the movie.

Previously, “What I”ve Done” appeared in the first “Transformers” film, while “New Divide” was in 2009″s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.”  Linkin Park”s Joe Hahn will direct the video for “Iridescent.”

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Here”s “Iridescent,” in case you haven”t heard it before. Close your eyes and imagine lots of metal robots and bad acting. It follows a somewhat familiar pattern to Linkin Park songs: a soft, slow opening before exploding into something bigger, although it”s more anthemic, almost U2-ish, than the usual LP, snarking fare.

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