Macklemore explains that ‘Same Love’ wouldn’t have happened 10 years ago

After winning four Grammys at last night”s awards, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis maintained a humble perspective, but did swell with pride about their ‘Same Love” performance with Queen Latifah, Madonna and 33 same-sex and heterosexual couples who were married during the ceremony. Lewis said his own sister was among those couples. Watch the video above.
Macklemore said he hopes the song”s message of equality will be one step “closer to the change.” 
“I thank the Grammys for giving us this platform because, you know, 10 years ago, I don”t think a song like ‘Same Love” would have been embraced on this level by any mainstream media,” Macklemore said. “The fact that radio got behind it, the fact that television got behind it, that award shows got behind it, it”s a testament to where we”re headed in this country.”
Lewis added that he still had chills and couldn”t wait to watch the performance again.