Mark Doyle taking up the mantle as DC’s Batman group editor

(CBR) The void left by Mike Marts moving from DC Comics back to Marvel has been filled, with long-running Vertigo editor Mark Doyle announcing Tuesday on Twitter that he”s taking over as Batman group editor. He”ll still be working on Vertigo titles as well, specifically mentioning “American Vampire” and “The Wake” – two titles written by “Batman” scribe Scott Snyder.

Snyder quickly expressed his enthusiasm for the move, writing on Twitter that “‘Thrilled” doesn”t do justice to how thrilled I really am in welcoming [Doyle] to Gotham as Batman group editor. Mark is not only responsible for bringing me to DC via “American Vampire” (of which he”s the editor), but he”s edited the Wake, and some of my favorite books of past few years, from “Sweet Tooth” and “Trillium” on.”

Crediting Marts for bringing “Gotham to new heights,” Snyder said he was already showing Doyle his Batman and Superman work, and “there”s no one I trust more when it comes to story.”

Beyond those mentioned by Snyder, Doyle”s editing credits during his years at Vertigo also include “American Splendor”, “Scalped” and “DMZ”.