Michelle Yeoh Officially Gets Her Own ‘Star Trek’ Spin-Off Series

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Back in November, it was reported that Michelle Yeoh — action god and, lately, heart-stoppingly unimpressed Crazy Rich Asians mom — was in talks for one of the three Star Trek spin-off shows heading to the en route CBS All Access streaming site. Well, whaddaya know? It’s really, officially happening, reports EW.

The show will follow Yeoh’s Philippa Georgiou, a captain introduced on the current big Star Trek iteration, Star Trek: Discovery. Georgiou was actually killed off in Season 1, only to return, sort of, later, when the crew happened upon a version of her in a “mirror universe.” (Think of it like Rick and Morty’s multiverses…we think. Does that make sense, Trekkies?) Not only was Georgiou still alive, but she had become an emperor.

The spin-off will reportedly be a prequel-of-sorts, delving into Georgiou’s pre-emperor days as a member of the Starfleet’s black-ops shadow organization. That makes it, like Discovery itself, another Star Trek show with a female captain. The other Trek spin-offs — because this new CBS streaming site needs all the content it can get — include one that brings back Patrick Stewart’s beloved Captain Picard and an animated comedy called Star Trek: Lower Decks and created by, appropriately, one of Rick and Morty’s writers.

(Via EW)