Miley Cyrus is Michele Bachmann in ‘SNL’ spoof ‘We Did Stop’

You knew “Saturday Night Live” was going to skewer Congress for the government shutdown, but did you ever think they’d find a way to include host Miley Cyrus in the proceedings? Um, yeah. They certainly did. And, no, the SNL Digital Short isn’t dead.  This week? It’s “We Did Stop.”

(If you have no idea how that title relates to Cyrus do a quick google search.  We’ll wait.)

The result has SNL regular Taran Killiam spoofing John Boehner (and proving he may be fun at parties) and Ms. Cyrus showing a completely different side of Minnesota (not-so?) conservative Michele Bachmann.

Remember, it’s their party and they can defund what they want.  Watch below.

(And look for a cameo from another familiar face who didn’t get invited to the party.)

(And read the complete song lyrics here.)

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