Is a ’10 Cloverfield Lane’ backlash inevitable?

Welcome back to another episode of Nightmare Fuel, your weekly dose of horror here at HitFix. This week I chat with F This Movie! editor-in-chief and Daily Dead contributor Patrick Bromley about 10 Cloverfield Lane, director Dan Trachtenberg's Cloverfield quasi-sequel that has been racking up excellent reviews and no small amount of hype leading into the weekend — the latter thanks in large part to an oh-so-secretive, very JJ Abrams-y marketing campaign. 

The question is, has the buzz raised expectations too high? (Psst, I've seen the movie and it is very good.) Moreover, do casual moviegoers understand this is a sequel in-name-only? Watch above or below as Patrick and I ponder the inevitable (?) 10CL backlash, in addition to talking A&E's new Omen sequel series Damien and that puzzling last-minute release date shift for the millionth Amityville sequel Amityville: The Awakening.

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