Patrick Stewart Is Already Teasing A Break From His ‘X-Men’ Retirement For ‘Deadpool’

Patrick Stewart confirmed his retirement from the X-Men films earlier this week, joining Hugh Jackman to take a final bow in Logan. Most are calling the film a perfect sendoff for both characters, but now it seems there could be some tantalizing treats that could bring Stewart out of his retirement. Now, this doesn’t mean Stewart is about to become the Terry Funk of X-Men films, but it does mean he could return for a cameo and the treat in question would be Deadpool.

During a sit down with MTV to promote Logan, the chat spends a moment or two on Deadpool. This, according to Screen Crush, is where the seed is planted for Stewart’s return:

I would have said yes, but the discussion just now about Deadpool makes me think, well, maybe there is a proper justification for the revival of Charles Xavier.

A cameo wouldn’t break a retirement really. I don’t see Stewart returning to play the character for a full movie and that’s really where he seems to stand when he says “I’m done” with Xavier. The same can be said for Jackman and Wolverine. Plus with the timeline silliness in these X-Men films, it doesn’t hurt any of the touching, poignant moments the characters are currently experiencing on the screen in Logan.

Who wouldn’t want to pop up and make fun of themselves in a Deadpool film? Judging from the short teaser ahead of Logan, the tone is firmly intact for the next film and it’s always good to cut loose. If Stewart can’t do it on Blunt Talk, why not have a little fun with Ryan Reynolds?