Watch: ‘Professor X’ pummels Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in first ‘Internship’ trailer

More than seven years after the release of “Wedding Crashers,” Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson are teaming up again – and this time, they’re headed to Silicon Valley.

Following yesterday’s sneak peek, the full-length trailer for the duo’s new comedy/feature-length Google commercial “The Internship” has arrived – and boy, does it lay those pop-culture references on thick. A brief rundown for your perusal:

1) “The Terminator”: “People have a deep mistrust of machines. Have you seen ‘Terminator?’ Or ‘2’? Or ‘3’? Or ‘4’?” – Nick (Wilson) on finding out his outdated sales company is closing

2) “The Hunger Games”: “We’re looking at some sort of mental ‘Hunger Games’ against a bunch of genius kids for just like a handful of jobs.” – Nick (Wilson), despairing at the plight of he and partner Billy (Vaughn) as they arrive at their new Google internship

3) “Flashdance”: “This reminds me of a little girl from a steel town who had a dream to dance. She had to strip down to nothing! She had to sit in that chair and arch her back, and she reached up and pulled the chain to nowhere and doused herself with water!” – Billy (Vaughn), trying to convince he and Nick’s Google intern teammates they can win an inter-company sporting event

4) “X-Men”: “Professor Xavier is a total [music sting]!” – Billy (Vaughn) after getting his ass kicked by a man in a wheelchair that he and Nick (Wilson) have been told is a programmer named “Charles Xavier”

Also in store: John Goodman, Rose Byrne, Max Minghella, the nerdy kid from “Teen Wolf” and lots of creepy pastel colors. Check out the full trailer and let us know what you think.

“The Internship” hopes to capitalize on the public’s fond memories of “Wedding Crashers” on June 7.