Chris Pratt set to star in Marvel’s ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

Marvel Studios may have found its lead Guardian for their planned superhero epic “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” directed by James Gunn.

“Parks and Recreation” star Chris Pratt is set to play the key role of Star-Lord, the half-alien hero leader whose real name is Peter Quill, according to Deadline.

Sources close to Marvel Studios have confirmed that Pratt has landed the role. 

The futuristic “Guardians” will depict Star-Lord and his superhero team against an evil alien race, and will directly tie into other Marvel phase 2 films such as “The Avengers 2,” and, possibly, the upcoming “Iron Man 3.”

Other actors who have been rumored to be in contention for the role of Star-Lord include Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who reportedly turned down the role), John Krasinski (“The Office”), Jim Sturgess (“Cloud Atlas”) , Wes Bentley (“The Hunger Games”), Chris Lowell (“Private Practice”), and Cam Gigandet (“Twilight”). 

Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are also allegedly being considered for voice roles in the film. 

Pratt is best known for his comedic turn as the goofy Andy on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” but was also seen in “Moneyball” and as one of the Navy SEALs in Kathryn Bigelow”s “Zero Dark Thirty.” He’s currently starring in the all-star comedy anthology “Movie 43.”
Part of Marvel’s Phase 2, “Guardians Of The Galaxy,” will hit theaters August 1, 2014.

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