Report: ‘Wonder Woman’ will be set in the ’20s and kick off a trilogy

Is “Wonder Woman” going back in time?

Gal Gadot is signed on to play the DC Comics superheroine for Warner Bros. for a long time, and rumors are indicating that her first solo adventure will take place in the past.

According to a Bleeding Cool report, the 2017's film's first half will take place on Paradise Island with the female warriors Amazons fighting for control of the hidden isle. When a mysterious male suddenly arrives for the first time, one of the Amazons (guess who) returns with him to his own male-dominated world — the United States in the 1920s. 

A sequel would move the action forward to WWII (will she cross paths with Marvel's Captain America?), while the threequel would take place in modern times. 

Of course, if this is all true, it would mean that 2017's “Wonder Woman” will actually be a prequel to 2016's “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and the 2018 “Justice League.” 

DC and WB already have about a dozen films planned for the next 6 years, and none of them are “WW” sequels, so it would be quite a while before this rumored plan could come to pass. 

“Wonder Woman” will open sometime in 2017.