Ron Howard Continues To Tease ‘Star Wars’ Fans With A Garbage Look Behind The Scenes On The ‘Han Solo’ Film

Getty Image / Lucasfilm

Since Ron Howard stepped in to take over for Phil Lord and Chris Miller after their exit from the Han Solo spin-off, he’s had a little bit of fun with fans by “sharing” snaps and video from the set. The issue, of course, that he’s held under tight lock and can’t truly share any real tidbits from the set. Lucasfilm will likely hunt down his family, dig up the corpse of Andy Griffith, and hold Henry Winkler hostage if he decides to go rogue and deal out any real juicy information.

That’s why he’s likely been teasing some of the more mundane elements of the Han Solo set, giving us a look at how a real Star Wars film comes together. There are just cases of water lying around for cast and crew to drink, as seen in his previous overshare on Twitter, and now we get a look at just how high tech the Hollywood waste disposal tactics are:


A bit wasteful, sure. He could’ve easily used some of that handy water to rinse off that Styrofoam and use it later for his dinner or second lunch. But putting that aside, it’s cool to see that Hollywood big shots with Oscars and critical praise are just like us normal folks. I’m almost certain that a trash bag has some weird name on a film set, probably related to whatever code it uses in a catalog, but it’s still a trash bag at the end of the day.

We have a whole year of this sort of thing to look forward to, so hopefully we’ll get something a little more Wookie related in the near future. That or someone will come up with a fan theory about how this reveals the true nature of Snoke and how he was brought about in the Star Wars galaxy. Sentient garbage has not been considered yet.