The Russo Brothers Tease Fans Over The Release Of The ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

Fans are still desperate to see the footage of Avengers: Infinity War that was unveiled this past summer, but Marvel has made no moves to release it online just yet. The Russo Brothers are teasing fans about the possible release online, leaving many to wonder when we’ll get to actually see whatever they have in store.

It is easy to assume that we’ll get to see the Avengers: Infinity War trailer in one of two spots from here on out. The first and most obvious will be a part of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the other massive release from Disney this fall and easily the biggest spotlight to premiere the trailer for arguably the grandest genre movie we’ve ever seen. The other option is with Black Panther when it arrives in February, allowing Marvel to keep focus on that film and let Infinity War simmer until fans can’t stand it any longer. This would seem like a silly idea, but the film doesn’t really need a trailer at all to sell tickets. Still, knowing that footage does exist and some were allowed to see it while others pick at descriptions makes this one difficult and unlikely.

According to Polygon, the version that will be released to the public will be different than what was shown at Comic-Con and D23. What this means is up in the air, but Joe Russo noted that the trailer will be more fine-tuned towards a wider audience while the Comic-Con footage was made with those attendees in mind. That said, the brothers don’t seem to be above having a little fun with the folks waiting for Infinity War to infect theaters and computers screens:

That’s an ad for Paul Masson’s California white wine starring Orson Welles, talking about how good things can’t be rushed. While Welles is almost definitely under the influence at some stage during this ad, the sentiment is that the Infinity War trailer is like the wine and shouldn’t be rushed.

Still, if it isn’t attached to The Last Jedi, you can expect some fans to pound their keyboards with anger until it is. Maybe they’ll toss Inhumans a bone and premiere the trailer during its finale?

(Via Polygon)