Ryan Kwanten a heroic studmuffin in first image from airplane horror flick ‘7500’

First announced on our site back in November, “7500” is the latest film from Japanese director Takashi Shimizu, who’s best known for helming the ultra-popular “Ju-on” series of horror films in Japan as well as their American remake “The Grudge” and its sequel, “The Grudge 2”. Starring Ryan Kwanten (“True Blood”), Leslie Bibb (“Zookeeper”), Nicky Whelan (“Hall Pass”), Jerry Ferrera (“Entourage”), Christian Serratos (“Twilight”), Jamie Chung (“Hangover Part II”) and Amy Smart (“Shameless”), the film centers on a group of airline passengers who must contend with a supernatural enemy while on a transpacific flight. It will serve as Shimizu’s first English-language film since “The Grudge 2” in 2006.

The reason we’re bringing all of this up is that the first-ever (EW watermarked) image for the film has hit the web – and while it doesn’t reveal anything about the evil force wreaking havoc (gotta save that for closer to release), it does show a fetching Kwanten standing at the head of a group of suspiciously good-looking passengers as they gape in shock and horror at something shocking/scary just out of frame. Oh, dear…

 You can check out the full-size image below. Let us know what you think!

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 “7500” is slated to hit theaters on August 31st.