A ‘Star Wars’ Fan Put Harrison Ford’s Face Over Alden Ehrenreich’s In The ‘Solo’ Trailer And It’s Truly Weird

We’re now in the era of Deepfakes and AI-assisted digital facial swapping. In other words, it’s never been so easy to put someone’s face into a movie or TV show (or something else far more nefarious and illegal). This, naturally, has led to an influx of Nic Cages in just about every movie known to man, but it’s also given people the tools needed to put Harrison Ford into the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer. It’s weird.

Video creator Nick Acosta said: “I couldn’t help wonder what would this movie would look like if you could magically transport a young Harrison Ford to play his iconic character.” The answer: slightly disturbing.

Granted, these face swaps aren’t perfect, but the amount of work done here is impressive. They enter into the uncanny valley, but mostly because we know this is very much not real, and not so much the creepy uncanny valley the CGI Princess Leia enters in Rogue One.

Still, it’s nice we got through this together and can all agree that putting a digital, young Harrison Ford into this movie probably would’ve been a bad idea. Having him pop in on New Han™ Alden Ehrenreich during the movie’s press tour is all we need.

(Via i09)

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