People Are Using Deep Learning Technology To Put Nic Cage’s Face Into Every Movie Known To Man

FakeApp is a piece of software that utilizes an algorithm and deep learning technology to scan a person’s face and place it into existing pieces of video. Since FakeApp was created on the internet, it’s primarily been used to insert celebrity faces onto porn stars, which raises plenty of ethical questions in the age of “fake news.” But also, since it’s the internet, the dubious tech has birthed a strange, new Nic Cage meme with people using FakeApp to put him in every movie possible.

This was spotted by the AV Club, which pointed out that Cage’s face being algorithmically plastered over dozens of movies was the most prevalent use of the disturbing technology next to people putting Natalie Dormer’s face on certain adult actresses. In the above clip, you’ll see Cage as Indiana Jones, the T-1000, James Bond, even Lois Lane.

Reports by Motherboard point out that there’s little legal recourse for people who are having their face inserted into whatever a wielder of the tech desires, which is especially concerning when you can see the evolution of the app in the video above. Some of the more recent clips in the compilation still enter the Uncanny Valley, but they look eons better than the easily spotted early clips that put Nic Cage’s face on John Travolta’s in Face Off.

It also makes total sense that someone put Nic Cage’s face over John Travolta playing Nic Cage as one of the first uses of FakeApp because, for the third time, this is the internet.

Here’s Indiana Cage for the road:

(Via AV Club/Business Insider)

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