Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge Looks LIke The ‘Westworld’ Of The ‘Star Wars’ Universe

Entertainment Editor
07.15.17 9 Comments

The D23 Expo finally revealed some key details about what was once known (and probably will forever be known) as Star Wars Land. We’ve seen the concept art, in-depth looks at what you can expect to experience at the sprawling theme park, but now, we have an official name, Galaxy’s Edge, and confirmation that the accompanying hotel will be an immersive experience.

Not only will visitors choose the light or the dark side when you check into the park, as rumored, but Disney has gone a step further by allowing guests to participate in what can only be described as the Westworld for superfans of Star Wars. The resort will have windows, but you won’t be seeing the California or Florida sunshine. Instead, images of space will be shown as you walk down futuristic hallways, dressed as a galactic citizen.

Throughout their day, guests will interact with Star Wars characters and will be able to follow various threads that can lead to unique adventures found in the park.

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