Did You Spot Mark Hamill’s Secondary ‘Star Wars’ Role In ‘The Last Jedi?’

Entertainment Writer

WARNING: Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi ahead

If you check out the credits for Star Wars: The Last Jedi — unless you left the theater in disgust before the movie was over — or check out the IMDB page, you might notice that Mark Hamill has two credits next to his name. He plays Luke Skywalker, of course, and possibly delivers the performance of his Star Wars career depending on who you ask. But he is also listed as the character Dobbu Scay, a role that is hard to miss during the film, but also one you wouldn’t initially connect to Hamill.

Hamill is not a stranger to playing animated characters and tossing his voice into the mix. He’s been menacing Batman and The Flash for years. But playing a CGI character might be something new, which he revealed during a Q&A session following a screening of the film. According to Entertainment Weekly, it is something he wanted to do and Rian Johnson had a place in the film that would be perfect to do it.

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