Watch An Early Clip From The ‘Star Wars’ Theme Park Attraction ‘Rise Of The Resistance’

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge — aka the “Star Wars theme park” — isn’t opening in Disneyland and Disney Word until next year. But if you want a taste of what to expect — besides knowing that you’ll be able to get hammered in the Star Wars cantina — Disney has released a very brief clip of one of its attractions, called Rise of the Resistance.

As the title suggests, it’s set circa the current wave of Star Wars episodes, i.e., the era of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. (It’s not yet clear exactly where in the timeline.) Thing is, it won’t let attendees hang with Rey and Poe Dameron. They’ll be on the other side, trapped in a mighty destroyer that belongs to the First Order.

The clip, less than a minute long, shows another mundane day with the galaxy’s evildoers: storm troopers walking down halls without talking, little bleep-bloop Roomba-type machines cruising around the slick floors. The dreariness is suddenly upset by the arrival of resistance ships, which break out of light speed en masse, surrounding the bad guys/you.

Essentially the attraction will allow plebeians to experience what it’s like to be in a space battle. By the end, according to EW’s report, Kylo Ren himself — the pissy man-child First Order ghoul played by Adam Driver — will make an appearance.

The park is currently set to open in two phases over 2019: in the summer in Disneyland, and in the fall in Disney World.

(Via EW)

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