A ‘Stranger Things’ Comic Will Answer One Of The Show’s Biggest Mysteries


Stranger Things is built on mysteries on top of mysteries on top of mysteries, but one of the biggest questions fans have about the Netflix show’s first two seasons is: what was Will doing while he was trapped in the Upside Down? We only saw snippets of his time down there, so who knows what shenanigans he got up to. Did the Demogorgon make fun of his bowl-cut? Probably, but there’s only one way to find out: kidnap Joe Keery and threaten to shave his hair.

Okay, there are two ways: the kidnapping idea, or by reading the Stranger Things comic book series. Tough choice, I know.

Jody Houser and animators Stefano Martino and Keith Champagne were tasked with writing and illustrating “Stranger Things, Vol. 1″ (available September 26), which is set during season one of the show, when Will was stuck in the Upside Down. “We had a list of possible story ideas from Netflix, and seeing Will’s side of the events of season one was the concept that jumped out to me the most,” Houser explained. “Getting to explore both the Upside Down and a character we didn’t get to see much of that season sounded like a blast to write, and something that I know I’d want to read as a fan.”

In other Stranger Things news, here’s Dustin, Lucas, Mad Max, and scene-stealing Erica getting the bejesus scared out of them.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)