‘Supergirl’ Heads To Mars On This Week’s Geeky TV

Last week on Supergirl, J’onn got the call to return to Mars while Alex learned Maggie doesn’t want kids. These are given equal weight in this episode, as a war on Mars is intercut with the most awkward wedding shower in television history.

To be fair, the person throwing the shower, Alex’s mom (Helen Slater), has no idea this ticking time bomb is lurking in her daughter’s seemingly happy engagement. But lurking it is, and it’s probably going to go off at the worst possible time. Meanwhile, Kara and J’onn head to Mars on word that there is, in fact, one more Green Martian still alive. It turns out to be J’onn’s father, so awkward parent time isn’t limited to just Earth. Hopefully Kara at least takes a selfie with Curiosity before she leaves, because come on, who turns that down?

So far, the show’s been on pace, although we have to admit, the internal moves of CatCo aren’t as compelling as one would hope. Although it is amusing that Lena thinks she can run a news organization just because she’s a genius in other fields. Slightly different set of skills, Lena. We’ll see if she learns that the hard way tonight at 8pm on the CW. Join us, won’t you?