‘The Punisher’ Season 2 Trailer Dirties Up Frank Castle’s Clean Slate With A New Sidekick

When the curtains rolled on the first season of Netflix’s The Punisher, the Marvel antihero’s extensive list of dead bodies was pretty much erased by the feds for “a debt we can never repay.” As part of that deal, Frank Castle was told to quietly retire from vigilantism, so he readopted the Pete Castiglione persona and walked away as a free man. Well, there was no possible way that Frank Castle could mind his own business on a long-term basis, and sure enough, this season 2 trailer shows him getting involved in more trouble, even though he really knows better. That is to say, Frank makes the grave mistake of caring about the fate of a troubled teenage girl, Amy, who appears to be (like Frank, to quote his Marine pal, Curtis) “a real sh*t magnet.”

Unfortunately, The Punisher‘s fans realize that when Frank Castle cares about someone, that person shall soon be in danger. Also complicating matters is the return of his old frenemy, Billy Russo, who’s normally rage-filled mind has been cranked to eleven after Frank sliced up his impossibly pretty face. Billy, as a recent teaser revealed, is presumably transforming into Jigsaw now, and he’s down for vengeance. Yes, this probably involves Amy. Meanwhile, we don’t see Micro at all in this trailer, so perhaps he has quietly settled into retirement, but Agent Madani is back in business, and thank goodness for that.

Admittedly, it’s somewhat awkward to witness Frank Castle’s return to Netflix because the streaming service could turn around and cancel the series (like fellow Marvel titles Daredevil, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist) in a month. Regardless, The Punisher will stream on Friday, January 18.