Tom Hardy’s been frustrated by Hollywood’s lack of female characters for a while


Recently, Tom Hardy has become something of a catalyst for how men can be good feminists. Hist most recent film “Mad Max: Fury Road” subverts sexism, so it was only natural the topic would come up during interviews and the press tour. Hardy”s now infamous shut-down of a bizarre line of questioning is being held up as the ideal world we all hope to one day inhabit.

Tom Hardy is Sally Field and this exchange is the ‘UNION” sign in “Norma Rae.”

But it turns out Tom Hardy has been quietly campaigning for meatier roles for women since AT LEAST his press tour for “The Drop.” His frustration with the lack of quality characters available for half the human race bled through during this interview.

Perhaps Mr. Hardy read my Idiot”s Guide To Writing Complex Female Characters? Or perhaps he just knows women have all the variety of hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, and personality types as men. Like we”re people or something. Huh.

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