Trevor Noah Makes A Passionate Plea Over The Face-Off At Standing Rock

For many, ignoring Standing Rock has been something the media has been guilty of since the standoff started back in April. There are plenty of excuses to be made, but the realities are that that people have just been ignoring what’s happening. But now that the election is over and the chatter over the pipeline’s status with the transition has started, some focus is being shifted there. The Daily Show made it their opening segment on the night after Noah made a mark with his interview of Tomi Lahren.

It’s a fine rundown of the events in North Dakota, laying out the reasons why the Standing Rock Sioux are protesting the pipeline and the pressure they’ve faced from authorities for months — including attacks by dogs and water cannons at freezing temperatures. Noah also points out that pipelines are much safer than other methods, but also does not hesitate to show how the line was moved from its original destination in Bismarck. He’s quick to say it’s not a race thing but based more on the population, which doesn’t help matters at the end once you realize they still moved it because it might leak.

The closing part is the real kicker and Noah keeps it simple:

“Look, America has spent centuries moving native peoples from place to place. Maybe just this one time, you can be the ones who move.”

It’s not likely to be that simple in the end, but it does help cut to the core of the outrage.

(Via The Daily Show)