‘The Walking Dead’ Fans ‘Can’t Assume’ The Show Won’t End After Next Season


Before the second half of season nine premiered, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus called it “our best season since season one.” That’s high praise (especially since Daryl wasn’t introduced until episode three), but to his point, the show has been much improved since finally moving on from Negan to the Whisperers, the “most formidable group we’ve come across.” The Walking Dead, which was recently renewed for season 10 by AMC, will want to end on a high note, something that showrunner Angela Kang is keeping in mind.

“It’s kind of just amazing that we’re going into the 10th season,” she told INSIDER. “It’s certainly a milestone that most people never get to cross and we’re so grateful to the fans around the world that have been on that journey with us. I’m approaching it as I’ve got to make a great 10th season. I can’t assume anything. It’s a thing that writers certainly talk about a lot. You can fall into a trap planning ahead and saving the great material for later. We always have to approach it as… we got to put the good material in now.” More:

“Even if there is five more years or 10 more years or whatever, we have to make it cool in this year and now [not only] for our sake, but definitely for the sake of the fans and so that’s been the approach. I’m really excited about the work that we’re doing and just grateful to have been on this ride.”

Even with declining ratings, The Walking Dead is still absurdly popular, and AMC presumably wants to keep their flagship series around for years to come. But it’s an interesting admission from Kang that she “can’t assume” the show has another 10 years left (no matter what the network CEO has said). What’s that expression? Live each day like it’s your last? No. Plan every season like it’s the show’s last, because you never know when the zombie apocalypse will arrive.