Marvel’s Wanda And Vision Standalone Series Has Nabbed A Groaner Of A Title On Disney’s Streaming Service

Marvel Studios/Disney

Disney’s stock rose on Friday following their official unveiling of the Disney+ streaming service. One major takeaway from the announcement is that the ad-free service, which will run $6.99 per month (and $69.99 annually) is a few dollars cheaper than Netflix’s $8.99 basic monthly plan. The content available to streaming, of course, will largely revolve around Marvel Studios and Star Wars movies, along with an extensive back library of Disney-owned content and what Disney projects will be $1 billion per year‘s worth of original content (that level will go up to $2 billion annually spent by 2024).

Several Avengers-related standalone series shall be included in that original content, such as Winter Soldier/Falcon and Hawkeye series along with one revolving around Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch and Vision. Collider quickly noted (with raised eyebrow) that the title of their series is a strange one …. WandaVision.

That sounds like some weird Max Headroom version of the MCU, but alright. Elizabeth Olsen screencapped and Instagrammed an official Disney tweet about the announcement while not commenting on the title and expressing excitement to work with Paul Bettany again.

One of the top comments (by user adriyear), however, reads, “[P]lease tell me that’s not the actual name.” It’s a strange one, but Disney and Marvel Studios seem to know what they’re doing. 19 MCU movies and counting can’t be wrong? We’ll see how the Avengers’ Disney+ adventures go soon enough.

(Via New York Times, CNBC & Collider)