Watch: Feist warns of ‘The Bad in Each Other’ in heartbroken new video

01.30.12 7 years ago

Man, nothing breaks your heart like seeing somebody bury their dead dog.

That’s how Feist’s “The Bad In Each Other” starts out. Celebrations situations go sour, family relationships are hurt by jealousy, a one-night-stand gets to the sad part: examples of people bringing out “the worst in each other.” This high-tension song pairs sweetness with noise, and God love that bari sax because it feels like everything is crumbling by the end.

Quoth Leslie Feist, via her website:

This video captures glimpses of something human, we get a peek inside something real between people – could be loss, longing and love. A lot of things which is about being a human being…. It is told in a way where it opens up more aspects than it concludes. Maybe something we can’t grasp, but it points at it or touches it and leaves us with different kinds of emotions. You could think about the video like a song or a poem, and different people will connect to different things- and those connections might be different from time to time when they watch it.

Yup, will repeat this viewing tomorrow when I won’t feel so badly for the little girl with the recorder.

“The Bad In Each Other” was directed by Martin De Thurah and, wouldn’t you know it, Feist told me last year she was thinking of hunting him down to do some work. The Danish helmer ended up on her radar because of his work on James Blake’s cover of “Limit to Your Love” (I’m seeing a song-name trend here…). The clip was shot in Mexico.

This is the second music video to arrive from Feist’s latest album “Metals,” the other being the initial single “How Come You Never Go There.”

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