Watch: The Strokes’ ‘Under the Cover of Darkness’ music video

03.02.11 8 years ago

Two days straight of Strokes coverage. I’m sorry. And you’re welcome.

The New York-based rock act has posted the music video to their first “Angles” single, “Under the Cover of Darkness” and they took a tip from great new wave acts of the ’80s: it doesn’t matter what the hell you do in your video, it’s all about location, location, location.

The band got all dressed up and did some rehearsin’ in a nice little mansion. They lit some candles to get you all comfy-like, and then invited you to a private recital, wherein it seems music stands and black tie is required.

Julian Casablancas doesn’t show a desire to dress up as much as his cohorts in the first half, not even with one of those cartoony tuxedo t-shirts. He is rocking his shades, though, and is looking healthier than Rhett Miller at a spa weekend. Albert Hammond Jr. also get his hazy ’80s throwback moment, with a soft lens on his solo, smoke machine puffing.

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I’m liking this track increasingly, as the lyrics kind of fade in my elderly mind. The video is lush and rock ‘n’ roll to match.

“Angles” is out on March 22: yesterday, the band unveiled another track, “You’re So Right,” which sounds nothing like the below.

What do you think of the clip?

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