Watch: Van Halen’s new video for ‘She’s The Woman’

04.14.12 6 years ago 3 Comments

Van Halen is taking you on the road with them in the new video for “She”s The Woman.” The clip, like the Springsteen clip we wrote up earlier today, is basically live, but takes footage culled from several shows instead of just one and switches randomly from black and white to color.

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Van Halen even manage to work in the logo from “A Different Kind of Truth,” the new album which features “She”s The Woman.” The footage includes rehearsals, the band”s first show together for this tour at  New York”s Cafe Wha? and other locations.  If the action isn”t quite as frenetic as it used to be, it”s very clear that Eddie Van Halen”s chops are in tact and Diamond David Lee Roth is still a commanding front man. It’s not different from the black and white video for “Tattoo,” except the band’s comfort level seems exponentially higher.

What do you think of the video for “She”s The Woman?”

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